Spiritual and Scientific Research on Arabic Letters

Friday, October 3, 2014


The Science of Abjad came from the hidden depth of the Tree of Knowledge and the world of Science of Abjad may look like a virtual world but it is a reality, it can bring forward new discoveries on different subjects and issues. What I have written in my first book [Spiritual and Scientific Research on Arabic Letters and Numbers] today scientists are sharing the same point of views on different subjects, like the ‘First Stars in Universe Were Not Alone’ ScienceDaily (Feb. 4, 2011) and Does music affect a foetus [YouTube and MSN] and so on.

The Science of Abjad helps also to understand the verses of the Holy Quran in another way; if we will continue to rely on the textual analysis of the verses it will be very difficult to overcome the frontier of interpretation and understanding. We have to transcend this frontier but be very careful to avoid speculation. Abjad is defining normally as a chronogram, a mode of reckoning numbers by means of the letters of the alphabet; it remains a world to be explored.
The extrapolation on different subjects made us understand that the Arabic language in the Holy Quran together with the Arabic Letters and their numerical values is not only a language but also a hidden science. Every word in the Holy Quran has a concrete and abstract part whether scientifically or spiritually.

The science of abjad does exists since a long time ago and Shaykh Ackbar Ibn Arabi [May God bless his innermost being] is the master of this science. He is like a teacher for me by his knowledge of that matter which he has shared in his books, I was inspired and fascinated by it and I should said that it is by his grace and help that I have learned this science.

It is very difficult to trace the origin of this science and who introduced numerology in Arabic letters there is only one saying which was published by Badhawi on that subject who was a Quran commentator but was rejected by the majority of the Muslim saviors and it was considered as a weak saying.

The word abjad symbolize the Arabic letters with a numerical value and abjad (ﺍﺒﺠﺩ) is a mysterious word which contains the first four Arabic letters in numerical order (Alifà  1, Baà  2, Jimà  3 and dalà  4). Every Arabic letters has a numerical value and the numerical values of the letters can be used in computations with and without taking the zero into account. This can be sound absurd, but it is one of the empirical rules of Abjad computation. 

To illustrate the rule, one can make a computation with the first letter, the middle letter or the last letter of a single word or for every single word forming a sentence. In other combinations one can use a single letter in a word but not twice, though there can be several occurrences of the same word in a single sentence.

Mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are used in Abjad computation. The operations cause a number or a value, having a unique Arabic letter to undergo different combination, expansion and contraction leading to a breakdown or ascension of combinations of letters. This is explained by the examples below:
May be seen as splitting of a number leading to an ‘expansion’ of a letter, the letter Qaf ( ق) which has a numerical value of 100 can be divided into two giving (50+50) which is the numerical value of [ ن + ن ], the symbolism of which is Nur and Nar.
To illustrate that, we would take the word of Allah Almighty in Arabic. () The letters are (), (), () and () having numerical values of 1, 30, 30 and 5 respectively. In order to show the multiplication, the zeroes in the value of letters () are not taken into account. These are truncated such that the absolute value of () is 3. As a result if we perform the multiply operation [5X3X3X1=45], which leads us to a symbolism: 45 is the Abjad for Adam and once can extrapolate that Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) has been created to the best Stature (Ahsani taqweem, S95V4).
After the process there will be the same like a union of man and woman (X+Y) a same subject will be obtain not a different one (the birth of a human being).
Like the subtraction of our ‘I’ in our existence which leads to the perfection of mankind. (Eve came from the desire of Adam) (45-21) =24.

The science of Abjad opens up a secret world with endless possibilities. Abjad is a science helping mankind to understand his own world and its importance with the help of Arabic letters, words and their associated mathematical computations in the light of the verses of the Holy Quran.
The Arabic language used in the Holy Quran is complex and cryptic and we cannot said that with abjad manipulation we will be able to decode its secret but abjad is a way to show us  how the Holy Quran is not easy to understand and the beauty of this Holy Book.  

Abjad is a great help to research the understanding of the verses of the Holy Quran, sayings of the Holy Prophet () and the sayings of the friends of Allah Almighty (The Awliya, Q). The secret of Abjad sheds light to the verses of the Holy Quran (S44V58) Verily, We have made this (Qur'an) easy, in thy tongue, in order that they may give heed. 

The saviour Shaykh Al Akbar Ibn Arabi in the famous book of Futuhat Al-Makkiya has given the exact year the city of Jerusalem would be liberated through a marvelous numerical manipulation of the first Muqatta'at of the Holy Quran [ALM (ﺍﻝﻡ)]: and it is said that the Holy Quran is guidance for Humanity.
However, the intrinsic computational matrix of the Holy book is yet to be discovered. The science of Abjad leads to the unspoken guidance and surreal meaning of every verse, word and their arrangements in the Holy Quran. This, in turn, leads to a more accurate meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran.
Whenever you get in the ocean of abjad you have the feeling of getting to a new world beyond  thinking and resonance , if you take three objects of the same sides and you put one on the top of a slope and  one after the another until the feet of the slope and when you will look at a distance at the objects we will have the impression that the object on the top is bigger it is a logical detection as our mind work in that way and in abjad manipulation we have to overcome our own resonance even though it would be very difficult to accept.
Every Arabic letter has its own interpretation and secret, they are alive as these letters are from the Guarded Tablet coming from the light of God and revealed to the Holy Prophet () The letter Alif is the origin of all the forms and all these letters are present in every creatures of Allah Almighty.
The word Huruf (ﺤﺮﻭﻑ) (8+6+2+8 = 24) which means ’letters’ in Arabic has the same numerical value of as the name Muhammad. The letters are composed of fourteen forms and there are twenty points present with them and only one of the points is found under the letter (19+1). If a letter is expanded, one can get the letters which on addition sums the initial letter. For example, Arabic letter (و) waw having numerical value 6 can be viewed as (2X3) ب and ج. This is true for other letters also.