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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 The recycle of carbon dioxide is possible if the atom of carbon and oxygen is separated; by using the 4 elements (air, water, earth and fire) it will be probable. 





Introducing carbon dioxide in the water of the container and by boiling the water it will evaporate into water vapor. A compact soil or sand barrier is needed to separate the cooling device and the water vapor and a tube can be used to pour cooling air below so that the hot air will not cause an explosion. Hence there will be the formation of ice on the barrier as carbon will lay down below in the container, it is a way to separate carbon and oxygen from the carbon dioxide like a recycle process where the carbon can be used for others purposes.

This process can be used in a vehicle like in a car for example where the smokes can be recycled and the ice deposited on the barrier can channel into the water tank and use once more or when the cooling device is switch off the ice will melt and goes down and use again. It can also be used in industrial sectors.

However, the water vapor can be used in another context for example if the hydrogen and the oxygen in the water vapor is separated by the process of electrolysis the hydrogen obtain can utilize as a second fuel if it is in a vehicle. In Industrial sectors they will be able to produce hydrogen for their own advantage which will lower their cost of travelling or selling it with potential customers.

Countries on coastal regions can fully benefit with this kind of project by the desalination of sea water and use it in the future project mention above as water is needed.
It is only an experimental procedure surely we will need an expert and his advice in this field to confirm the project.
Verses 29 to 31 of chapter 77 in the Quran has a direct relation with the project and my inspiration for this project came from it.


29. (It will be said :) "Depart ye to that which ye used to reject as false!
30. "Depart ye to a Shadow (of smoke ascending) in three columns,
31. "(Which yields) no shade of coolness, and is of no use against the fierce Blaze. 

These verses are the concern of sinners who will be burned in hell, like undergoing a recycle process. They will be introduced in a type of shadow of smoke in 3 columns which be hot and which can come from boiling water or fire. These verses as if are making reference to the recycle of carbon dioxide (CO2). The word Hell (ﺠﻫﻨﱠﻡ) is mentioned at least 77 times in the Holy Quran 77 like   chapter 77.

 The numerical values of the verses gives:
(68/64 letters)    
(8310) and count a letter once (7520) = 8310+7520 = 15830   and removing the zero in the numbers (237) and count a letter once (221) + (237) =458 =4*5*8=160

 According to the three verses the three columns are smoking shadow of heat energy which will be one after another that is hot, hotter and hottest or burning at first degree, second degree and third degree. The word shuahbi (ﺷُﻌَﺐِ) meaning columns in verse 31 played a very important part 
(ﺷُﻌَﺐِ)   () 2 () 7 () 3      [273 ]   and 2+7+3=12 like the Atomic weight of carbon and (237+221) =458 4*5*8=160 removing the zero and 16 is the Atomic weight of oxygen. 

It is clear that these verses are dealing of recycle, in case of human being the physical body and that of carbon dioxide separating the carbon atom and oxygen atom. But according to the figure above to recycle [CO2] we have to inverse the process. Carbon = C+A+R+B+O+N = 3+1+18+2+15+14=53 and 53 is also the numerical of word Ahmad and Ahmad is the conglomeration of all the names of the Prophets and here it is the conglomeration of different forces and this give us an idea about the power of carbon and it indicates that carbon have a lot of hidden capacity.